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    Error A4J in JSF Portlet when called a action in LiferayTomcat!

    Thang Phan Apprentice

      Hello Everybody!
      I'm a student come from VietNam!
      I'm studying about Richface framework and I'm using  A4J library!
      I had got a problem in JSF(Richfaces) Portlet when I used A4J tag!
      That problem is : When I run  the project about JSF(Richfaces) portlet use A4J tag on JBoss Server into JBoss Tool of Eclipse was ok!

      But when I built it and made a war file, after I run it on LiferayTomcat  Server, it throw a error!

      If I didn't use tag <a4j: />, it'd run ok!
      Can anybody help me?
      Thank you very much!


      This is my error: