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    jboss-4.2.3.GA (guvnor) and web project

    Johanna Voxy Apprentice

      Hi Guys,


      i recently installed jboss-4.2.3.GA (guvnor StandAlone) to create web application. But actually, what i want to do is use guvnor's rule (the jboss-4.2.3.GA is also named guvnor) for a form i created in servlet.

      To help you to understand what i'm trying to do... this is my project:

      I (actually, my boss) have a website of Human resource and would like offer help to people having HR trouble in their company.

      We have a form, and would like personalized the result page (when the user click on submit) using the rules of guvnor, but, i would like to be able to use servlet (just to display the form) and then, when the user click on the submit button, the guvnor takes the answers gave by him (the user), and then generate the corresponding result page.

      I created my form in java servlet, but i don't know how to import the war file to guvnor. I also created the rules in guvnor, but i have to be sure, guvnor will take the inputs from the servlet form, and then create an output i could display in the result page.


      Do you have any idea of how i could do this stuff? it is even possible with guvnor and the servlets?


      Thank you for any answer.

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          Michele Mauro Newbie

          Drools Guvnor is not a JBoss Application Server version, is a web application developed for another project, JBoss Drools. What you have downloaded is a demo bundle that contains a configured JBoss AS with Drools Guvnor already installed; this bundle is intended for testing and evaluating the Drools project and the Drools Guvnor component. It has no relation with JBoss Jbpm and cannot be used with it (at least, not without some difficulty).


          What you are describing is probably a Drools application (you are describing a rule-based interaction), so you better ask on that forum.




          PS: By the way, if you already made up the war, it should be enough to put it in the server/default/deploy directory...

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            Johanna Voxy Apprentice

            hooooo Ok.

            Thanks for your answer Michele. I was may be posting my question in the wrong forum. However, your answer is helpful.

            I have to figure out the best way to do my stuff.

            Thanks, i'm continuing to try.