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    J2EE 5.0 libraries (JBoss Tools) contains only subset of API

    henk de boer Master



      Normally, I have the JBoss 5.1 Runtime added to my project, but today I noticed that Eclipse also offers an entry called "JEE 5.0 libraries" when adding a library to the project build path (project -> properties -> Java Build Path -> Add Library... -> JEE 5.0 libraries).


      I noticed though that this doesn't really contain the entire Java EE 5.0 API. It now consists of:


      • javax.annotation
      • javax.ejb
      • javax.enterprise.deploy
      • javax.jms
      • javax.persistence
      • javax.resource
      • javax.security.jacc
      • javax.servlet
      • javax.transaction
      • javax.xml


      This is surely a lot, but some important ones are missing like javax.faces and javax.mail. This might be confusing to users, who are maybe going to add those libs to their projects opening the door to all kinds of deployment problems.


      A small extra thing, which might improve the perception of this library is its name. In the selector box it's called "JEE 5.0 libraries", but afterwards it's called "J2EE 5.0 libraries (Jboss Tools)". It's a small change, but adding the 2 in there might be confusing for users new to Java EE. Finally, although I personally don't really care about it, but I've noticed that some Java EE spec leaders are asking not to use the abbreviation JEE, but just use Java EE. See e.g. http://www.theserverside.com/news/thread.tss?thread_id=59733#333373 . Java EE might indeed be easier for users new to Java, who are a little intimidated by all those scary acronyms


      Hope this is helpful.