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        Attaching a patch to system to run a checkComplete after each "deploy folder" - this cannot be applied to trunk, since there are dependencies across deployment phases. However it logs errors during the deployment process and hopefully you should be able to better trace which errors are preventing the clustering beans to deploy.

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          Thanks for the patch, Emanuel.  Showed me again the errors are steming from jboss-threads.  DML correctly identified that we need the property: "-Dxb.builder.repeatableParticleHandlers=false".




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            To expand on this a litte - this was the result of a discussion between Alexey, Ales, and myself.  Alexey said:


            On 03/16/2010 01:37 AM, Alexey Loubyansky wrote:


            ThreadsMetaData and other classes that have propOrder={} and Collection
            properties should be updated with


            Next xb version will not allow collections in all.


            This I did.  Earlier he said:


            On 3/15/2010 5:17 PM, Alexey Loubyansky wrote:


            It's threads metadata binding issue.

            Quick fix is -Dxb.builder.repeatableParticleHandlers=false

            This controls how collection values are populated and set. With this  property set to true, the collections are first fully filled in and then  set on the property.
            With false, each item is added to the property value directly, i.e.  myBean.getMyCollectionProperty().add(item).

            Now, what's wrong with the Threads metadata. The content of the type is  bound to model group all. You can't have repeatable elements in an all  group:
            "Schema Component Constraint: All Group Limited
            When a model group has {compositor} all, then all of the following must  be true:
            1 It appears only as the value of one or both of the following properties:
            1.1 the {model group} property of a model group definition.
            1.2 the {term} property of a particle with {max occurs}=1which is part  of a pair which constitutes the {content type} of a complex type definition.
            2 The {max occurs} of all the particles in the {particles} of the group  must be 0 or 1."

            Which means that basically, there must be another problem, because I don't (or shouldn't) have "ALL" groups in this case anymore.  Perhaps when the future version of XB arrives with the more strict checking, I can troubleshoot this directly.  Could be I'm still missing the proper annotation somewhere, but without an error message, it's hard to know for sure.

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