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    richfaces picklist and jquery error

    Travis H Newbie

      I've am trying to get the rich:picklist control to work when you include the jquery.js file.  For some reason as soon as I put that in my page the picklist becomes unusable.  I have my items showing up on the left side of the picklist, but I am unable to click on any of them and move them to the right.  I tried using the rich:listShuttle control, and it acts the same way.  If I remove the jquery.js and it works fine.  I am not calling any jquery functions at all in my page, so I'm not sure why it would be interfering with these richfaces controls.


      I am using jsf 1.2 and richfaces 3.3.2SR1 and jquery 1.3.2.  I have tried using richfaces 3.3.1, as well as jquery 1.4.2, and I it doesn't make any difference.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.