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    Status update

    Clebert Suconic Master

      - Fixed the Create Destinations issue that was happening on EJB3. It was an issue on the integration code (and MC not kicking in deployers. I have basically simplified the dependency on the deployers so it will always work now).

        There was also an issue with slashed on the EJB tests so I added a few checks

      - Fixed one Large Message Failover issue.



      I don't have anything else on my plate for the integration.


      However hudson still showing LargeMessageFailoverTest::testCommitOcurredUnblockedAndResendNoDuplicates as failure. But I can't replicate it on my box. I have it already at run# 200 and no failures so far. I would say it's safe to ignore this failure for this release. But I will let you guys decide on what to do. I would need to investigate a bit more.


      There's also another failure on Hudson  (testNonTransactional) on AsynchronousFailoverTest that i didn't have time to investigate tonight.