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    Storing @NotAudit column in _AUD tables

      When @Audited is not applied to a property, the property change does not trigger an audited row to be recorded. This is desirable. But at the same time, this property is missing from the audited table altogether. Is there a way for me to tell Enver to keep the column but just dont trigger an audit on this property change?


      For example, ObjectOne has properties: id, column1(@audited), column2(not audited).

      When column1 changes, audit row is created for ObjectOne will be id, REV, column1, *column2*

      When column2 changes, audit row is not created.


      The reason for this is because column1 is business critical field, every change is important. column2 is a much faster changing field than column1, but is not that business critical, none the less, it is still useful to have a rough (sampled at the rate of column1 change) history of column2.


      Many thanks.