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    cannot achieved ajax capability with a4j:commandButton




      I couldnot achieved partial update using -a4j:commandButton- & -a4j:mediaOutput-


      As far as I have understood from partial update and a4j, when I operate --a4j:commandButton id="graticule" --,

      my --a4j:mediaOutput id="harita1"-- is expected to be updated. But it never updates.


      Instead it requires whole page update with --oncomplete="document.forms['harita'].submit();return false"-- in

      --a4j:commandButton id="graticule"--


      But I need partial update of my a4j:mediaOutput id="harita1" when I use reRender="harita1" in a4j:commandButton


      Could you tell me where I am wrong ?


      here is my code fragment



      <a4j:commandButton id="graticule" value="graticule"
                                  action="#{haritaBean1.graticule}"  reRender="harita1"
                                  image="./images/Graticule2.png" >




      <a4j:mediaOutput id="harita1" element="img" mimeType="image/png"
                                  style="width: 500px ; height:500px " >