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    Possible concurrency problem

    Rajesh Chauhan Novice



      I have configured cluster and http session replciation on Jboss but I am getting error called "20:55:12,936 INFO  [CacheListener] Possible concurrency problem: Replicated version id 16 matches in-memory version for session 5k130hmp77e26ryJiOddhQ**". I dont know this error is related to session replciation, even I dont know session replciation is working fine or not. As I have checked and it seems failover and session replication is working but I am not sure. Please help me to fix this issue.


      Hardware Architecture.


      1. Cisco Load Balancer

      2. Jboss App server(4.2.2) , 1 instace each on 2 server



      Help will be highly appreciated.