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    how to use tcp for jgroups communication in infinispan?

    Lin Ye Expert

      I used the GUI demo coming with Infinispan-4.0.0-FINAL to test the tcp communication, and the following steps are what I tried:


      1. Keep the default configuration, that would use udp for communication. I just updated -Dbind.address=<actual IP> on two separate nodes to reflect the actual IP of each node. After running GUI demo on two nodes and started the cache, they form a cluster (verified in "Cluster View" tab).

      2. Added -Dinfinispan.demo.cfg=file:${ISPN_HOME}/etc/config-samples/gui-demo-cache-config.xml to JVM_PARAMS in runGuiDemo.sh, so it would use the external configuration file. And updated the external gui-demo-cache-config.xml with the following global configuration:

            <transport clusterName="demoCluster">
                  <property name="configurationFile" value="flush-tcp.xml"/>


      So it would use the flush-tcp.xml coming with jgroups-2.9.0.GA.jar. After the above updates, if I run two GUI demo instances on the same node and started cache, the two instances form a cluster correctly.

      3. Use the configuration in step 2 on the two separate nodes used in step 1. After running GUI demo on the two nodes and started cache, they couldn't form a cluster (each one just run by itself).


      Could you please suggest what I missed above? How to make the tcp communication work?