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    Local EJB Invocation Statistics

    Mark Jeffery Newbie



      I have searched the docs and community portal with no luck.


      I have a simple scenario :


      1 EJB local interface

      1 EJB remote interface


      in the same ejb jar.


      Version JBOSSAS 5.1.0GA


      The local EJB is injected into the remote EJB with the @EJB annotation.


      There is  a method in the remote EJB that calls a method on the local EJB.

      It works succesfully but the invocation statistics are NOT updated for the local EJB.


      The remote invocation statistics update fine, but the fact that the local EJB method was called by the remote EJB is not reflected in the local EJBs invocation statistics.


      What am I missing ?