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    JBoss portal - portlet parallel problem

    Raffaele Shmith Newbie


      i'm developing a portal using JBoss EPP 4.3 and i noticed that with the browser(firefox, in new tabs) parallel portlet loadings aren't accepted.


      I did an experiment:

      - i created portlet A that have a doView() method that need a lot of time to finish, for example 1 minute with a long query or a simple Thread.sleep().

      - i created a simple hello world portlet B.

      - i open the first portlet A that need a lot of time to load

      - i opened a new tab with firefox and i choose the second portlet.

      The loading of the second portlet start after the end of the first. If the first portlet need a lot of time, i have to wait a lot of time to see my hello world(very simple) result.

      This isn't a multithreading problem because with other browser isntances pages are concurrents.

      I want know if i can change something to improve my portal and avoid this problem.

      I hope that you can help me!


      Thank you