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    JBPM questions

    Simon Bonello Newbie

      HI to all,


      I have some question on JBPM that I need answered.


      1. Is it possible to install the JBPM engine without JBoss and sql. (as possible I do not want to add to many components into my current solution). ?

      2. Can we start from a particular state without loading the state machine from the database ?

      3. is it possible to transition from different two process definitions (i.e form one Jpdl definition call another JPdl definition).







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          HuiSheng Xu Master

          Hi Simon,

            I will try to answer your questions.


            1.You could use jBPM on any scenario, like J2SE, servlet container tomcat, jetty, JEE container like jboss and etc. The database is necessary for using jBPM because it have to persist all of data to the database.


            2.I am not very cleary for your question. Do you mean you want to start process from any activity without knowing the process definition? If there is no relationship between them, I am afraid it is impossible.


            3.If you want to let process instance jump to another process definition, you could use use-process activity. You can't let a transition from a process definition to another.



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            Maciej Swiderski Master

            wrong forum - Please use parent forum for such topics - this forum is intended for  development of JBPM code base