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    oracle donot allow insert blob in batching

    HuiSheng Xu Master

      Hi all,

        Oracle do not allow insert blog in batching, So if we want to deploy a process definition into oracle, we have to set <prop key="hibernate.jdbc.batch_size">0</prop>, this setting will affect other operation in hibernate. I think we should have a special treatment for deployment in oracle.


        The environment is oracle 9i, oracle thin jdbc driver.


        There is also some problem when .jpdl.xml file contains non-ascii charactors. If I use addResourceAsString(name, text) to deploy a string contains non-ascii charactors, the pvm will use the default encoding of server to convert string to byte array. I can't specify a special encoding that used for the string. So if string are using UTF-8 and the default encoding of server is GB2312, then the deployer will complain to can not parse the xml.