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    Accessing JBoss AS from outside a DSL network

    Charles Akalugwu Newbie

      Hi everyone,


      I have a problem. I am currently writing a seam app and deploying on JBoss AS 5.1. In addition, I am developing another jsp-based app and deploying on tomcat 6. Everything works fine when I access the apps from within my local area network which connects to the net through a DSL line. On the router, I have enabled port forwarding of ports 8080 (jboss) and 69 (tomcat). I have a dynamic dns account, a dyndns.org account to be exact. When I disconnect my laptop from my lan and connect with my mobile internet stick (a different network from the lan) I am able to access the tomcat app successfully. Forwarding works, dyndns works. But when I try to access the seam app, for example http://myapp.dyndns.org:8080/appui/index.seam, the browser pops up a download window. The content type of the "thing" available for download is application/octet-stream. No matter what page in the app i try to download, the size of the returned thing seems to be 7 bytes everytime! Has someone experienced this before? Since everything else seems fine, port forwarding, dynamic dns and even the tomcat app, it leaves me thinking that the problem has to be on the JBoss server side. Has anyone experienced this before? I am running on windows 7 Home Premium.


      Thanks in advance for any insights.