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    richfaces 3.3.2 GA integration problem with RAD 7.5.5

    ishak teyran Newbie

      hello to all ,


      i am first time user of Richfaces , and i am using it in RAD/RSA 7.5.5 and websphere following the tutorial on the ibm developerworks site, i added the richfaces components to the palette of RAD and for testing issues i dragged and dropped one calendar component, and one dataGrid component from richfaces components, and from ibm enhanced jsf components i dragged and dropped a datatable and below it , not seen in the picture, there is a simple textbox. as you can see from the image too,  richfaces components are not visualised in design view, and also in source view richfaces components are just existing with opening and closing tags, no initial attributes are set , unlike the datatable source view in the picture. my first question is, what can be the reason for richfaces components dont look as they should in design view and also shouldnt they be initalized with some attributes in source view.?


      Secondly, despite everything, when i run the jsp page on server, again as you can see in the second part of the picture, the calendar is there, however when i click on the calendar icon, nothing happens, there is no calendar poping up 


      and as you can see , the datagrid doesnt seem


      but the datatable can be seen as well as the textbox.


      what are the things i need to learn and do to succesfully make these components viewable in design view when i drag them , and also in source view, how should be some attributes of the components initialized ?


      P.S : you can see the jars i added to the library , they are all as defined in the richfaces user guide, and i also aded the code in the user guide that is suggested to be added into web.xml. if there is any mistake or lacking something that i need to do to solve this problem, please let me know.


      RAD, gives me 3 JSF facets which are JSF Standard, JSF IBM compatibility, JSF IBM enhanced, if there is a compatibility issue between these and that is the reason for that ? which IBM facets should i exclude from my project facets.


      P.S.S : i also downloaded Jboss Tools plug-in to my RAD, and still there is no change. the calendar seems to be a "no-reaction textbox with its calendar icon", and combobox is also seen as in the picture in the attachment, RAD has drag and drop support for my JPA data, however if they look like so, how will i be able to drag and drop the fields of my jpa entity beans to the comboboxes, picklists, etc ?


      thank you all.