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    Dynamic Tab generation

    Janakiram Narla Newbie

      Can we generate tabs dynamically?Here is my scnario.
      I have to generate tabs dynamically depending upon number of rows (ArrayList) returning by value attribute.

      <a:form id="smsParam_Form" >
      <rich:tabPanel id="smsParam_panel" width="100%"
      rendered="#{doSmsSettings.settingsType eq 'param'}"
      <a:repeat id="paramRepete" var="smsParam"
      rendered="#{not empty mobeeSmsParamList.getSmsParamList()}"
      <rich:tab name="#{smsParam.groupName}" label="#{smsParam.groupName}">



      But,when i am doing this a message ("tab panel has no enabled or rendered tabs!") is displaying on console.Can any one help me out.