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    Classloader issue when persistence unit and ejb in different jars - how to solve?

    Shri Shrimad Newbie



      For example, I have two jars:


      1. JpaLib.jar, which contain entity class (for example, Account) and persistence unit JpaLibPU.

      2. JpaBean.jar, which contain ejb3 SLSB, which uses JpaLibPU to get Account from database.



      public class JpaTestBean implements ...
          private EntityManager em;

          public Account getAccount( String id )
               return em.find( Account.class, id );


      After deploy, all works ok.


      When I redeploy JpaLib.jar (add another entity class, for example), JpaBean.jar is stopped and started again, when JpaLibPU becomes available.


      But, when I invoke getAccount I get exception: "java.lang.ClassCastException: tst.entity.Account cannot be cast to tst.entity.Account". As I understand, this happens due Account in JpaBean.jar and Account in JpaLib.jar loaded using defferent classloaders.


      If I manually "touch" JpaBean.jar - jboss redeploy it and all works fine again.


      How can I force JBoss to automatically redeploy (not just stop/start) JpaBean.jar when JpaLib.jar is redeployed?


      Any ideas?


      PS: JBoss version 5.1 or 6 M2