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    richfaces editor rerender not show with Google Chrome

    Ralph Soika Apprentice



      it seems to me that the rich:editor widget still have a problem with rerender functionality in googles chrome browser.

      I know that there are some similar postings and also an open issue about the problem:





      I whant to ask about the current status of this issue?

      The Problem can be still seen in the richfaces live demo page when using google crome. When I change the editor settings in the demo page the widget is lost. (same behaivor in my web application )




      I have tested also latest version 3.3.3.CR1

      Is there any workaround available?  Means the RF-7040 that the problem will be fixed in version 4.x? Or should the component work in crome when using Version 3.3.3.CR1?


      thanks for help