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    working with jboss cache

    Venkatesh Balaji Newbie

      Dear All,


      I have below implementation with jboss cache, swing client is the user interface for our application and it talks to jboss server with help of apache webserver connected through ajp connector with loadbalancing, my requirement is i want to maintain some data when user has been succesfully authenticated, i will not be able to maintain in http-session, since our application has more no. of WAR. My idea is to put this data into jboss cache once the user authenticated, my loadbalance is without stickysession so request will be put into both apps from the same user, so enabling cluster would be right option.


      Made the jboss-cache clustering setup and tested through jmx-console with repl-async mode and works perfectly.


      Now my question is, how to implement this to put my data into cache when user has got succesful authentication (in short how to put this in jboss-cache in servlet) and need to retrieve back to validate and update the last request time. Please advise whether this can be implemented with jboss cache.


      Thanks in advance.