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    Support for updating object

    Marcus Durão Newbie

      I need help updating an object in my bean. I'm calling with
      <a4j:support action="#{produtoFc.adicionarPreco}" event="onclick" immediate="true" reRender="valorProduto,tblPrecos"/>.<

      But when I check the bean objects are null.


      Some can help me in this solution

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          Jay Balunas Master


          I am going to move this to the RichFaces forum, the RichFaces Development forum is for discussions related to the development of RichFaces project itself.  You will share your question and any answers with more people from the community in the user forum.



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            Nick Belaevski Master

            Immediate command components fully skip UPDATE_MODEL_VALUES phase, so this can be the reason of "null bean objects". Try changing this and post more page/bean code if this won't help.

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              Marcus Durão Newbie

              so I'm using this method to add items to an application in a grid. So I put the Immediate. Because there may be null fields in the header of the note.




                               <h:graphicImage value="../../imagens/icons/add.png" id="btnAddPreco">
                                                                  <span style="white-space:nowrap">
                                                                      <h:outputLabel value="#{msgs.produto_preco_adicionar}" />
                                                              <a4j:support action="#{produtoFc.adicionarPreco}" 





              public void adicionarPreco() {


                      List<Produto_TabelaPreco> precos = new ArrayList<Produto_TabelaPreco>();
                      try {
                          Produto_TabelaPreco preco = new Produto_TabelaPreco();
                          if (produto.getPrecos() != null ) {
                              precos = produto.getPrecos();


                          this.valorProduto = new Double(0);
                      } catch (Exception e) {

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                Nick Belaevski Master



                The problem is still not clear to me:


                - what bean values are missing?

                - why do you need immediate at all?

                - was immediate="true" the source of the problem?

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                  Marcus Durão Newbie



                  My problem is I need to add prices for a product.
                  To do this routine I created a button that adds values in one table without the submit page.


                  I created a method that takes the values and add to the collection and make a reRender in the table.


                  This method can not validate the form information so I used the immediate.


                  Except that when I used the immediate is not sending the values to the bean.


                  Below the screen image.


                  Thank you for your attention

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                    Nick Belaevski Master

                    The problem is still not clear. Please post more bean & page code and point to the problem.