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    Create a proxy of proxy

    B Bozhanov Newbie

      I'm using the following code to create a proxy:



      public Object createProxiedInstance(Object originalInstance) throws Exception {
          Class<?> originalClass = instance.getClass();
          ProxyFactory factory = new ProxyFactory();


          factory.setHandler(new MethodHandler() {..});
          Class<T> proxyClass = factory.createClass();

          return proxyClass.newInstance();


      It works fine if a pass a normal object. However, if I pass an object that is already a proxy (created by the same method, but with a different method handler), I get:


      javassist.bytecode.DuplicateMemberException: duplicate method: setHandler  in com.mypackage.Bean_$$_javassist_0_$$_javassist_1


      I could work this around by combining the method handler of the original proy and the one of the new proxy, but is there a way to make proxies of proxies, as if the proxies were normal objects? (using javassist 3.8.0 GA)

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          B Bozhanov Newbie

          The problem was (actually, it's the same with  CGLIB - I tried it using commons-proxy) that I should not try to create a  proxy class of the proxy class. The second proxy should again be of the  original class. So adding the following line resolves the problem:

          if (instance instanceof ProxyObject) {
              originalClass = originalClass.getSuperclass();