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    High Level Architecture - jBPM4.3

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      I have to write my Bachelor Thesis about a WfMS based on jBPM 4.3.

      Now I want to explain the high level architecture from jBPM but on my research didn’t find a good sketch or a good explanation about it.

      I know that in de developers guide there is a chapter about the architecture.


      But there something is not very clear to me.

      There it says that the PVM has four services: Command / Process / Execution and Management

      But when I work with jBPM there is a Task / Repository / Execution / History and Management Service??? I can get al these services von the Process Engine like explained in chapter 5.2 of the user guide.


      Can you help me making a sketch of the high level architecture from jBPM. I don’t want to talk about every little thing from the pvm. I just want to show what are the components of jBPM and how they fit together.


      What do you think is this sketch correct?

      Thanks for your help!