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    How to check the processing Node in Clustered , Node Balanced Environment !!

    saswata mandal Novice

      Dear all,


            Well, after lot of investigations and reading the JBoss Guides , I have been able to develope a clustered environment , which is load balanced by the Apache Webserver and the Mod_JK module.


            So, the current configuration is like :-


      In a single machine with multiple IP addresses, there is a Jboss server with multiple configurations under the server directory. Server instances are created for these configurations with same cluster name and partition configuration but different IP addresses. So , these server instances actually form the nodes of the same cluster and they can interact with each other by the JGroups Channel. Next , the load balancing is achieved by installing Apache Server and Mod_JK module and defining the JBoss Server instances or nodes as workers in the ModJK configuration. So , clients can access the DFS services only by knowing the loadbalance's IP address and port , and the loadbalancer takes care of serving the request form any of the available nodes in the cluster.


           But , How can I , as an administrator know , which node has actually processed the client's request ??



      Thanks & Regards

      saswata mandal.