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    Questions about 2.2.0 and 3.0.0

    Jason Greene Master


      I am trying to download for testing JBoss Cash and POJO.

      I have downloaded 2.2.0.GA jbosscache-core-2.2.0.GA-all.zip and could not locate the POJO stuff there.

      Here the quote from http://www.jboss.org/file-access/default/members/jbosscache/freezone/docs/2.1.0.GA/pojo/faq_en/pdf/faq_en.pdf
      Starting in 2.0 release, we have a separate library for POJO Cache,

      pojocache.jar that is extra to the core jboss-cache.jar

      I could not locate neither jboss-cache.jar nor pojocache.jar there, please advise.

      Also I am really looking forward to start testing 3.0.0.BETA1, could you tell me when the POJO stuff is expected to be supported there.

      Thanks in advance,


      POJO Cache 2.2.0.GA is not released yet, since it depends on JBoss AOP 2.0.0, which does not yet have a GA release. As soon as JBoss AOP is released, POJO Cache 2.2.0.GA will be released. Also AS5 will include the 2.2.0.GA release.

      Until then you can test using the 2.2.0.CR7 release.

      3.0.0 is currently under active development, so there is nothing to play with at the moment. However you could test out the non-pojo functionality (core cache) using the beta 1 release.