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    Leak in JBoss AS 4.2.3 (accumulated StatelessContainer)

    Erik Lindblad Newbie

           We suspect that our stateless EJBs are leaking.


      Attaching jmx-console stats and path to GC for one of the leaking beans from a test system that has been running on small load for 12 hours.


      Namejava.lang.StringRStatelessDelegateWrapperMBean Attribute.
      StateStringjava.lang.StringRStartedMBean Attribute.
      CreateCountintR116902MBean Attribute.
      StateintR3MBean Attribute.
      MBean Attribute.
      CurrentSizeintR116898MBean Attribute.
      RemoveCountintR4MBean Attribute.
      MaxSizeintR30MBean Attribute.
      AvailableCountintR29MBean Attribute


      If I annotate a leaking bean to use another pooling class (as suggested by http://community.jboss.org/thread/110175) the leak seems to go away.



      So my guess is that the default ThreadLocalPool retains the EJB instances and the mechanism for removing old ones is somehow misconfigured?


      Should I make all our beans to use StrictMaxPool instead?