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    Onchange event not called for an inplaceSelect control

    radu radu Novice

      Hi ,


      I want that onchange event for an inplaceSelect control to call some javascript , this is an example:



      <rich:inplaceSelect id="myId" value="#{myBean.value}" editEvent="onclick" showControls="false" openOnEdit="true"

                     onchange="alert('test');" >

                <f:selectItems value="#{values}" />

      <h:graphicImage id="imgId" value="#{myImg}" onclick="#{rich:component('myId')}.edit()">


      If the inplace control's content was click, the control goes to edit mode and the event is called when an item from inplace select was changed and the alert is shown, but if i open the inplace select control when i click on image it goes to edit mode, and than select an item from inplace select the event is not called , and no alert is shown , in this case i also want to see the alert like in previous one.


      How can i fix this ? Is there a way ?