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    Wrong style applied to tooltip on tree node.

    Lars-Remi Pettersen Newbie

      Hey there,


      In my code I am programmatically making a tree with a certain number of treenode adaptors under it. In each of these adaptors there's an HtmlTreeNode object containing an HtmlInplaceInput object with an EL expression displaying the data element's name. On the HtmlTreeNode object I've attached an HtmlToolTip object. This object appears as expected, but the style on it is incorrect. When mousing over the node, the tooltip text is underlined and highlighted with orange text without me having defined any such styles for it. It's almost as if it's inheriting the styles from the node itself (it's underlined and orange when hovering over it). The following image illustrates the problem:




      Is this intended behavior? If not, how can I circumvent it? Tooltips on other elements display  normally, with black non-underlined text.



      Lars-Remi Pettersen