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    a4j:support and immediate for the parent component

    Sudhakar Ramasamy Newbie


      <t:inputText id="company" label="Company" value="#{action.company}" required="true"/>
      <t:inputText id="code" label="Code" value="#{action.code}">
       <a4j:support action="#{action.refreshFromCode}"

      When the company input box is empty and I trigger the a4j action, the JSF lifecycle skips to the render response from the process validation phase. I guess this is because the required field validation on the company fails.

      If I set immediate=true on the a4j:support tag the call to the refreshFormCode method works. But the value I get for the Code attribute is from the previous request. Looks like immediate=true on the a4j tag skips the Apply Request Value for the Code inputText component.

      How can I get the effect of immediate=true but still get the current value entered in the Code input text?

      Thanks in advance for any help.