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    Generate seam entities issue

    Daniel Kim Newbie





      I am working jboss seam app and I  created database table and used reverse engineering. All necessary  files were created, but it gave me this error when I clicked the drop  down menu:




      Property 'restrictionLogicOperator' not  found




      and I get one more error.




      I got  rid of that by modifying UserInfoList.xhtml file and  UserInfoList.page.xml file.




      Now, I login and click the  drop down menu and I have issue with delete and update functions. If I  click 'delete' the delete button is gone and the page remains same and  it doesn't delete. Update also does similar thing.


      I have  created another project based on same db schema then the CRUD works fine  with user_info table. I compared files, but they are the same since  those were generated by Hibernate Tools.




      Has anyone  experience this before?




      thanks in advance.






      create table USER_INFO(
      USER_INFO_ID  number(5) PRIMARY KEY,
      USER_ID varchar2(25) NOT NULL,
      USER_PASSWORD  varchar2(25) NOT NULL,
      LAST_NAME varchar2(50) NOT NULL,
      FIRST_NAME  varchar2(50) NOT NULL,
      PRIVIL_LEVEL varchar2(25) NOT NULL,
      AGENCY_NAME  varchar2(25) NOT NULL,
      EMAIL varchar2(50) NOT NULL,
      NOTE  varchar2(1000),