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    Internet Explorer 7 don't show forms (.ftl) from jbpm-console

    Mary Marlet Newbie

      Hi people,


      I install the jBPM 4.3 with tomcat and mysql, and works fine with Firefox. The problem is when jbpm-console is opened with internet Explorer 7, when I click in start or view button the form .flt don't display and the server don't show any error.


      The layers works fine in the explorer, the problem is only with forms.


      any ideas??




      FLT archive is trivial:




        <style type="text/css">  
         ${CSS!".body {font-family:sans-serif;}"}
          <form action="${form.action}" method="POST" enctype="multipart/form-data">

            <h3>Petició Alta d'usuari DSI</h3> 
            <h4>Informació de l'alta:</h4> 
            Nom: ${name_1} <br/>
            Primer Cognom: ${name_2}<br/>
            Segon Cognom: ${name_3}<br/>
            Empresa: ${empresa}<br/>
            Sots.unitat: ${subunitat}<br/>
            <h4>Informació per l'usuari:</h4> 
            Usuari: ${login}<br/>
            Correu internet: ${inetMail}<br/>


            <input type="submit" name="Done" value="Tancar Alta"/>