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    nodeSelectListener is not working in I.E. 8

    Marwan Rawajfeh Newbie



      I'm working on rich:tree that is built from xml data  file.


      the tree is retrieved fine but the  nodeSelectListener is not called at all in I.E. 8 .


      I'm  not sure why but in Firefox node selection works fine.



      is it just compatibility issue or there is  something i can do about it ?



      my tree code  looks like this :





      <rich:tree  id="accountsTree"  value="#{accountsChart.acountsTree}" var="account"


                   switchType="client" ajaxSubmitSelection="true" ajaxKeys="#{null}"

                   nodeSelectListener="#{accountsChart.processSelection}" >

           <rich:treeNode >

              <table >

                   <tr >


                           <h:outputText id="accNo" value="#{account.attributes['accNo']}"/>



                           <h:outputText id="desc" value="#{account.attributes['desc']}" />



                           <h:outputText id="brNo" value="#{account.attributes['brNo']}" />










      And  the Listener method :




      public  void processSelection(NodeSelectedEvent event) {

               logger.info("Node is selected ");







      I  turned the I.E script debugger and gave me MSG :


      "  Object doesn't support this property or method


      while(node&&Element.isChildOf(node,this.element)){offsetTopItem+=node.offsetTop;node=node.offsetParent;}  "


      help is highly appreciated


      and one  last thing , I'm using JSF 2.0 with rich faces 3.3.3



      Best  Regards