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    Problem with a4j:poll and rich:datascroller

    Carlo Salcuni Newbie

      Hi all,
      I'm using JSF in conjuction whit RichFaces and i'm experiencing a really  strange problem:
      I made a simple jsf page who have a <a4j:poll> polling a request  every 10 seconds, a <rich:datatable> who use a  org.ajax4j.model.ExtendedDataModel and a <rich:datascroller>.

      This is my jsf page:

      <a4j:region id="regionPoll" immediate="true">
      <h:form id="polling_form">
      <a4j:poll id="order_poll" interval="10000" reRender="order_num"  limitToList="true" immediate="true" ajaxSingle="true"/>

      <h:outputText id="order_num" value="#{testPool.randomNumber}"/>

      <div align="center">
      <rich:dataTable id="orders" value="#{testPoolView}" var="order"  rows="15" width="70%">
      <rich:column id="col_1" width="100px">
      <f:facet name="header">
      <h:outputText value="Column 1"/>
      <h:outputText value="#{order.id}"/>
      <rich:datascroller  id="scrollerOrders" for="orders" maxPages="3"  ajaxSingle="true" immediate="true"/>

      When the page is loaded for the first time, everything's fine.
      The very strange think is then user click on datascroller to navigate  pages,  a call to getRowCount() method is made every 10 seconds (every  time the poll activates) !
      This weird behavior occurs only if <a4j:poll> is used in the page.
      As you can see i tried to put parameters to rerender only the  h:outputtext , so i wonder why the framework try to update also the  datascroller calling the getRowCount method (every 10 seconds ! ).

      Please help me, i searched everywhere on Google but have not found an  answer.

      Thanks in advance.