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    The Skin do not appear in the Page Editor (Bug Page Editor/View Page properties/Page Templates/Skins List - No Found)

    Elias Barrientos Garcia Newbie

      Hello friends of the forum, I would like that they help me with this topic.


      It needs from itself to construct a Portal with 8 pages, each of them

      has her own design since they speak about a different product.
      I have realized the Skin and the template for each of the pages; when

      I go to the option of ' changing Skin ' it visualizes them to me:



      but to the moment to want to assign to him the skin in the Page Editor

      it me does not appear.



      These are the steps that I have realized according to the document of GateIn:


      1. To copy the folder MySkin, MySkin.css and MySkin-lt.css inside:



      2. In gatein.ear/01eXoResources.war/WEB-INF/gatein-resources.xml,

      registry the Skin



      3. To copy the directory MySkin inside gatein.ear/web.war/skin,

      which, it contains a subdirectory porleticons and an icon.

      4. to enter to gatein.ear/web.war/skin/portal/webui/component and

      to add the styles to the components <Ej. UIBannerPortlet>

      MySkin/background and his respective sheet of style MySkin.css.

      5. to modify the UIBannerPortlet.gtmpl and the UIFooterPortlet.gtmpl

      located in web.war/groovy/groovy/webui/component.

      6. To modify the UIPortalNavigation.gtmpl located in web.war/groovy/portal/webui/component.

      7. To register your resources of styles in web.war

      /WEB-INF/gatein-resources.xml, so much for the BannerPortlet as the FooterPortlet

      8. To predefine the style in the file portal.xml located in:

      Gatein.ear/02portal.war/WEB-INF/conf/portal/portal/classic/, it is necessary to place the label:


      9.  When selecting a skin, an overview of the skin is possible.

      It has to be defined in the current skin used to display the form to change skins.

      Put the screeshot of the skin in:


      and add the following in 01eXoResources.war:/skin/DefaultSkin/portal/webui/component/customization/UIChangeSkinForm/Stylesheet.css:

      .UIChangeSkinForm .UIItemSelector .TemplateContainer .MySkinImage {
        margin: auto; 
        width: 329px; height:204px; 
        background: url('background/MySkin.jpg') no-repeat top; 
        cursor: pointer ; 

      Is anything absent so that the skin appears in the editor of page?
      or am I harming?

      Elías Barrientos G.