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    Seam project configuration problem

    nitzan tomer Newbie

      Hello all,


      I checked out a seam project from a subversion repository and I'm trying to configure the properties of these projects but got stuck.

      The project actually includes 4 projects: the main one, the ejb, ear and test.

      I managed to configure them all except for the ear project for which I'm getting the following error:

      Target runtime JBoss 5.1 Runtime is not defined.    OurProject-ear        Unknown    Faceted Project Problem


      In the properties of this project, under the Server section it states: "The project is not associated with any servers." but I do not have an "add" button or a list of servers to select from.

      I have a JBoss AS (5.1) server defined in the workspace and I even associated the project with the server (from within the servers view).


      Any ideas on what's the problem and how I can fix it?


      I'm using: eclipse 3.5.2, JBoss AS 5.1.0 and Seam 2.2.0


      Thanks, Nitzan;