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    Can distribute JBoss with out web application?

    Dave Chen Master

      Hello,  we have a JSF Web application running on JBoss AS. Can we include JBoss as a part of installation?

      which of the following 3 options can we take:


      1. JBoss AS is included in distribution, and our installer will install JBoss if it is not installed on customer's computer.

      2. JBoss AS is not included in distribution, but our installer will download it from JBoss website if it is not installed on customer's computer.

      3. Customers are responsible for download and installation of JBoss. Our installer will deploy our web application to existing JBoss only.


      Which one can we take?  The option 1 is the best for us.

      Thanks for advice.



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          Peter Johnson Master

          You can do any of those options. If you choose option 1, make sure you read and follow the redistribution requirements found in the LGPL (see section 4 of the LGPL): pretty much all you have to do is also provide your customers with the source code for JBoss AS. By strict interpretation of the license, you must ship the source code along with your product, but usually if you provide a URL to where your customers can download the source code that is sufficient.

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            Dave Chen Master



            We want to make the following changes to the JBoss zip:


            1. Our web application is deployed on server/default, and we like to remove server/all, server/minimal, server/web to make JBoss distribution smaller. It will reduce the size by about 50M.


            2. On windows, jboss is installed as windows service.  We like to change the service name to our application name so that users can easily find it in windows control panel(services). In bin\service.bat,


            set SVCNAME=JBAS50SVC
            set SVCDISP=JBoss Application Server 5.1
            set SVCDESC=JBoss Application Server 5.1.0 GA/Platform: Windows x86
            set NOPAUSE=Y


            change to:


            set SVCNAME=our web-application-name
            set SVCDISP=our web-application description
            set SVCDESC=our web-application description/Platform: Windows x86


            3. change configuation files: for example, server.xml, change web port number to 80, etc.

            4. add required libraries: for example, apache commons, mysql jdbc driver, etc.


            Then re-package the jboss zip, and include the new jboss zip in our distribution.  Does this comform to JBoss license (LGPL)?

            where to put JBoss source code URL?  our company web site?  or README in release?


            I found mysql is licensed under GPL. GPL is not commercial friendly. can we include mysql in our distribution too?  How about JRE? We make no changes to mysql/JRE.


            Thanks for further advice.







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              Peter Johnson Master

              The LGPL allows you to make changes, check section 2 of the license for the condifitons, particularly to part b.


              You can redistribute software licensed under the GPL also, see section 6 of the license. Basically you also have to provide the source code.


              Also, I strongly suggest that you have your attorney review both the LGPL and GPL licenses and provide you with feedback on exactly what you can or should do to fulfill the licensing agreements. After all, I am not a lawyer. Don't let this discourage you, companies both large and small do what you are doing all the time; consulting with an attorney who understands open source licenses (and is not prejudiced against them) helps to ensure that you were dilligent in following the licensing conditions.