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    Skin parameters lists in new documentation

    Sean Rogers Apprentice

      Hi everyone,

      I'm reworking the documentation for RichFaces 4 and I wanted to know if people have any preferences as to how the skin parameter lists are included.


      Currently, skin parameter lists for a component are listed with the rest of the usage details for that component. This means you would need to look up the component you want to skin in the component reference, then go to the section about skinning.


      An alternative would be to separate out all the skin parameter lists into a separate chapter. This would be useful if you do all your skinning work in one go, then all the components are right there. This may be harder to locate information with, however.


      So which do you prefer? Each component's skin parameters located under the component's entry in the component reference, or every component's skin parameters listed together in one big chapter?