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    passing params within a4j:jsFunction

    nimo stephan Master

      I have two properties within a action which is called by invoking jsFunction:



      <a4j:jsFunction name="invokeAction" action="#{myBean.doAction(_prop1, _prop2)}" reRender=".." limitToList="true">
              <a4j:actionparam name="param1" assignTo="#{_prop1}" />
              <a4j:actionparam name="param2" assignTo="#{_prop2}" />




      and want to call that by


      ...onclick="invokeAction(hobby, 'hello');"


      However, there a js-error is thrown:


      hobby is not defined


      So I guess, hobby (a valid java-object) is not passed right into the param1-property of my action. What is wrong?