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    Relationship Between DeployableContainer and TestEnricher

    Andrew Rubinger Master

      Currently there's no association between DeployableContainer implementations and the TestEnricher types.  Ordinarily I think this would be fine, but each of these impls must be created with a no-argument constructor (meaning we cannot create the association on our own as needed by supplying a construction argument).


      In doing the Reloaded ARQ Container we start an MCServer in the DeployableContainer.  However, it's this server which is also responsible for doing the test enrichment (ie. injection), and I imagine that could be a pretty common case.  The container has access to resources that the test may want.  In OpenEJB etc we get around this because the correct JNDI Context is obtained via system properties which fly under a real API radar.


      How do we feel about bridging the gap and making "enrich(Object testCase,<? extends DeployableContainer> container)" or similar?