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    How to reduce the size of GateIn pages? (Currently over 700kb)

    João Guerreiro Newbie



      I'm new at portlet development and portal technologies and I was thinking of using GateIn as my company portal.


      The problem is the load-time/page-size. I'm getting around 700 kb on a blank page with no portlets at all. The main responsables are the "merged.js" (220kb) and "Stylesheet-lt.css" (450kb). Is there the need for shipping all this java script and style sheets with a blank page?


      How can I reduce this 700 kb to something under 150kb?



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          Matt Wringe Master

          are those being sent each time or is the browser caching it so it only occurs at the first access to the portal? It should be setup so that once you access the portal, subsequent visits will be a lot faster since these files should be cached.


          You can probably create a new theme or modify the current theme to remove some of the element from the css (for example, the css contains all the classes for the various types of window decorators, if you are only going to be using a few you can probably get rid of other ones). A custom or modified theme will get the Stylesheet-lt.css down to a smaller size.


          The merged.js might be a little tricker to get down to size. GateIn is a dynamic webapplication and needs to use javascript, if you need this reduced this, its going to take a bit more effort.