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    Newbie Drools Rule-Writing Question

    Greg Zoller Newbie



      I'm trying to write a drools rule for the following situation:


      I have a user profile object containing a list of Strings representing the roles this user has been granted.

      I need a drools rule pattern that matches true if there is an intersection between the user's roles and a list of given roles.

      In Java the rule logic would be:


           ArrayList<String> okRoles = new ArrayList<String>();



           Profile profile = // get profile from wherever...contains list of user's roles: {"User","Internal"}

           if( okRoles.retainAll( profile.getRoles() ) == false ) {

                // successful match



      How can I do similar match logic in Drools?  Here's where I'm at so far:


      rule "Test1"


              Profile(roles in ("Internal","Admin"))


              System.out.println("Found role match!");



      This rule actually runs w/o crashing, but fails to match...presumably because getRoles() returns a list of roles and the list is not in ("ROLE_BUYER").


      Any hints how I can accomplish this?