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    Doubt Regarding JBPM-4.3 ActionHandler

    Felix Jose Newbie

      Hi All,


      I am new to JBPM-4.3. I am doing a project using JBPM-4.3. In that I am having some doubts.


      1.  In JBPM-4.3 version I am not able to find ActionHandler interface. Is that interface got removed. If so how can I do some actions when transition from one node to another. And also in one of my state node is having three transition nodes, in that case without ActionHandler how can select any of those three?

      Can anyone please send a response as I have to complete my project's POC on 23rd ofApril? with some example if possible.


      Thank You Very Much,


      With Regards,

      Felix Jose

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          HuiSheng Xu Master

          Hi Felix,


            Yes, there is no more ActionHandler, and we still could make process run successfully.


            If you want to do something when one transtion be taken. You could use event-listener.


          <transition to="end">

              <event-listener class="my.Listener"/>



            If you have a state activity with three transition. There will be some possibilities.


              First, you want to let someone invoke ExecutionService.signalExecutionById(id, signalName); to let the process continue to run, at this possibility we needn't use condition in transition.


              Second, you want to use process variable to decide which transition should be take. So you could add a DecisionActivity after the state, you could add condition attribute in the DecisionActivity's outgoing transitions.


             Third, you want to waiting for a while, and let one of transition be taken automaticly, Then you could use timer to do this.

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            Felix Jose Newbie

            Thank You Very much for your reply and for yoour time.


            Felix Jose