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    JBPM 3.2.3 - Custom Hibernate Properties Loader

    Juan Ramos Newbie

      Hi everybody,

      First of all, please excuse my poor english... I need to have my hibernate.properties file encrypted and load it with a custom decrypter class.

      Is this possible with JBPM?.

      I´ve been reading some articles about the configuration and found that the only "entry point" for the hibernate files is in jbpm.cfg.xml and, of course, they are just Strings, not beans that extends from "Resourse", "Properties" or something like that.


      <string name="resource.hibernate.cfg.xml" value="hibernate.cfg.jbpm.xml"/>

      <string name="resource.hibernate.properties" value="file.properties"/>


      Is there a workaround or something for what i need?.

      Thanks in advance.