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    Problem in a WAR aplication

    Raymundo Pedroza Newbie

      Hello everybody Im not sure is it the rigth forum but i need some help with this topic, i have some war aplication unde JBOSS-5. 1.0.GA unde redhat system, I´m very confused because the aplication is crashing on a really simple page is a request.GetParameter("txtFecha"), the same aplication is running under the tomcat deploy directory and dont have problem, any body have an idea off that...., i put the extract off the system.log


      Thanks in advance



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          Wolfgang Knauf Master



          could you translate the error message to a language which is more familiar to me ;-)? It seems to be a JSP compilation error.


          Post the code of the JSP which causes this error ("/SAT/autorizaFolioEtiquetadoras_do.jsp"`)?


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            Raymundo Pedroza Newbie

            Hi we found the problem, that was in the code of the jsp file


            The tomcat runs fine with the double quotation in the value section of the fechaFolio:


            <jsp:forward page="autorizaFoliosEtiquetadoras_correo.jsp" >
               <jsp:param name="fechaFolio"
            value="<%=request.getParameter("txtFecha")%>" />  


            We change for single quote


            <jsp:forward page="autorizaFoliosEtiquetadoras_correo.jsp" >
               <jsp:param name="fechaFolio"
            value='<%=request.getParameter("txtFecha")%>' />  


            and that run without problems, the question for me is why the tomcat works okay with that syntaxis.


            Thank you very much