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    About POJO Cache

    Rishabh Gupta Newbie

      Hi ,


      I want to know about the following:-


      when was Jboss Pojo Cache last released, what is latest version available till date?

      when was Jboss cache last released? What is latest version available till date?

      Can POJO Cache work with the latest version of Jboss cache?

      If not and if pojo is better than cache why is it not being updated?



      Also we are trying to do benchmarking for the Pojo cache performance vs Jboss Cache.


      1) We are trying to put a pojo inside the POJO cache but CPU usage is very high for Load test containing a number of threads. Moreover sometimes CPU usage ig greater for a small size pojo,why this happening?


      2) Also it seems sometimes Jboss cache is working better than Pojo cache, why this happening ,I mean in terms of CPU usage.


      For eg:we have the following CPU usage:-


      For 200 threads only, and this increases with number of threads: For example:-


      CPUUSAGE   Cpu(s):0.8%us,1.3%sy,0.0%ni,97.9%id,0.0%wa,0.0%hi,0.0%si,0.0%stCPUUSAGE   Cpu(s):1.0%us,1.6%sy,0.0%ni,97.4%id,0.0%wa,0.0%hi,0.0%si,0.0%stCPUUSAGE   Cpu(s):31.3%us,2.9%sy,0.0%ni,65.3%id,0.0%wa,0.2%hi,0.3%si,0.0%stCPUUSAGE t   Cpu(s):49.0%us,10.7%sy,0.0%ni,18.0%id,18.5%wa,0.3%hi,3.4%si,0.0%stCPUUSAGE t   Cpu(s):4.9%us,3.2%sy,0.0%ni,46.1%id,44.5%wa,0.2%hi,1.1%si,0.0%stCPUUSAGE   Cpu(s):1.8%us,2.0%sy,0.0%ni,96.2%id,0.0%wa,0.0%hi,0.0%si,0.0%st

      CPUUSAGE   Cpu(s):1.0%us,1.3%sy,0.0%ni,97.6%id,0.2%wa,0.0%hi,0.0%si,0.0%st




      With 1000 threads:-

      CPUUSAGE   Cpu(s):28.9%us,3.3%sy,0.0%ni,67.2%id,0.2%wa,0.0%hi,0.5%si,0.0%stCPUUSAGE   Cpu(s):77.4%us,10.3%sy,0.0%ni,9.4%id,0.2%wa,0.2%hi,2.6%si,0.0%stCPUUSAGE t   Cpu(s):61.6%us,10.3%sy,0.0%ni,19.9%id,3.6%wa,0.0%hi,4.7%si,0.0%stCPUUSAGE t   Cpu(s):54.8%us,25.8%sy,0.0%ni,11.3%id,0.2%wa,0.7%hi,7.3%si,0.0%stCPUUSAGE   Cpu(s):1.8%us,1.6%sy,0.0%ni,93.0%id,3.4%wa,0.0%hi,0.2%si,0.0%stCPUUSAGE   Cpu(s):1.3%us,2.1%sy,0.0%ni,96.4%id,0.2%wa,0.0%hi,0.0%si,0.0%stCPUUSAGE   Cpu(s):1.0%us,1.3%sy,0.0%ni,97.7%id,0.0%wa,0.0%hi,0.0%si,0.0%stCPUUSAGE   Cpu(s):1.3%us,1.5%sy,0.0%ni,96.9%id,0.3%wa,0.0%hi,0.0%si,0.0%stCPUUSAGE   Cpu(s):3.9%us,1.3%sy,0.0%ni,94.5%id,0.2%wa,0.2%hi,0.0%si,0.0%stCPUUSAGE   Cpu(s):2.4%us,2.9%sy,0.0%ni,92.7%id,1.6%wa,0.0%hi,0.3%si,0.0%st

      CPUUSAGE   Cpu(s):1.0%us,1.3%sy,0.0%ni,97.7%id,0.0%wa,0.0%hi,0.0%si,0.0%st


      This happens with only POJO cache if we use simple cache- HashTable then usage remains normal.


      Can someone Please give the tips for increasing the performance and reducing the CPU usage also wa%


      I tried :-


      CacheMode = REPL_ASYNC

      No logging

      removed TransactionManager


      But this all is not increasing performance much, when I use REPL_ASYNC ,it decreases wa% only.


      What else can be done to improve CPU performance and its usage.?????