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    Unable to access port 8080 after starting a jboss 5.0.1 GA vanilla instance

    Padmaraj Balakrishnan Newbie



      I've downloaded the jboss 5.0.1 GA.zip to linux, unzipped it using the linux zip utility and tried to start boss using run.sh/run.sh -c default.

      Although the console log/boot.log/server.log do not show any obvious issues, when I try to access 8080 using my browser it returns the usual "could not connect to pedlinux1:8080" error. Even a telnet <server> 8080, both from a remote box as well as from within the server, show that nothing is listening on the port, although a 'ps -fu' does show the process running. Please find the attached logs and do let me know if I've missed anything very obvious.