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        i am having trouble in iexplorer where the close button on the messages does not seem to be working

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          Which version of IE and notify?

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            IE8 and with both versions, the one in the demo page and the one for richface 4.0

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              Felix, we've tested this component (3.3.4-SNAPSHOT) 1000 times on IE 7,8,9 and don't find such problem. Does this error exist in our online demo?

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                yes i am having the problem with the online version, with ie8

                everything works fine but the closing button on the notices.

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                  also local we are working with version 4

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                    I just ran into an issue where the rich:notifyMessages are failing to pop up on certain pages and I've narrowed it down to what appears to be an incompatability with primefaces (3.x to be sure, have not tested with 2.x)


                    Simply placing a <p:autoComplete /> on the page will cause all rich:notifyMessages to fail. I see them coming back in the ajax response but never "pop-up"

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                      Hi Cody, if you have not already can you create a jira for this issue? 

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                        Hi Felix, if you have not already can you create a jira for this.  We'll try to tackle this in the next milestone release.

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                          Thanks Jay I had these two already open on the notify component




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                            Hi Cody, I have resolved PrimeFaces conflict issue, it will be available in M3 however.


                            Positioning of notify will be possible to define only from notifyStack, since stack cares about positioning and offsets, it is not covenient to redefine in notify/notifyMessages itself.

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                              Wow, really nice. Plug&play. It works. Thanks a bunch!

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                                Great Job Bernard, works like a charm.


                                However, notify stack history labels ("Redisplay, "All" and "Last" labels) are statically set on pnotify's js source. So we have to override it to change these labels. - I think these labels could be parameterized.

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                                  Which version do you use? Notify has been incorporated into RF-4.1.Final so no need to use sandbox version.

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                                    We use RF v3.3.3-Final because of JSF v1.2. Afaik, RF-4.x is standardized for JSF 2.0 and partially compatible with JSF 1.2. Thus we include sandbox version of this component. So, do you prefer any different idea for this problem?