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    Additional management API about prepared transaction

    Tomohisa igarashi Master

      Hello, I'm considering about managing prepared transaction in HornetQ.

      HornetQ already has listPreparedTransactions(), but it returns Xid and creation time only. In some trouble case, operator want to know more about the transaction before decide to commit or rollback. For example, message header, message payload, and etc..

      So, I think implementing following additional APIs into HornetQServerControl is nice:


      • listPreparedTransactionsAsHTML()
        • Show Xid(separeted field in global_txid, branch_qual, format_id, ..), creation time(or elapsed time) and message_id as HTML format.
      • listPreparedTransactionsAsXML()
        • Same as listPreparedTransactionsAsHTML(), but in XML format. That will used by another external program.
      • getMessageDetails( int message_id )
        • Return some object represents message with read only. That will used by another internal program.
      • showMessageDetailsAsHTML( int message_id )
        • Show status(send committed/send prepared/receive prepared), destination name, message header and message payload In addition to same as listPreparedTransactions' output, as HTML format.
      • showMessageDetailsAsXML( int message_id )
        • Same as showMessageDetailsAsHTML(), but as XML format. That will used by another external program.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.



      Tomohisa Igarashi