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    OrderingList, ListShuttle but with auto-sorting

    Joey Jarosz Newbie

      I really want to utilize either the OrderingList or ListShuttle components, but I need my lists to be sorted automatically (no manual controls).

      I have tried several experiments, but cannot seem to get either component to call my backing bean when needed.

      In the case of the ListShuttle I was hoping to be able to do the sorting when the user moved items from one listbox to the other but cannot get called when they do so.

      For the OrderingList I was hoping to use two of them along with my own buttons to create my own listshuttle equivalent. But I cannot seem to get notified whenever there is a selection so I can update the button states.

      I really like the multi-column and header support of these components as compared to a simple SelectManyListBox component, but without the right calls to the backing bean happening at the right time I am stuck. Is there any special magic required to get either of the above scenerios to work?