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    How to display detail info from a datagrid and remain on same page?

    Max McByte Newbie

      Hello RichFacers;


      My tech stack is RF3.3.3.Final, along with JSF2, JPA2, EJB3.1 Scaffolding With Netbeans 6.8. Deployed to GlassFish v3.


      I am using rich:datagrid and rich:tabpanel/rich:tab (see image below) and I am wondering how to do the following.


      When a user clicks on an image in a rich:datagrid the action takes them to a
      separate detail page which works fine.


      I would prefer to display the detail info *** without *** going to another page.


      The main reason is I have a *** media player *** (xspf) embedded in the <div> header-container </div> and when going to another page the media player will stop playing.


      I am wondering if it is possible to have the content in header-container remain constant and simply display the detail in the content-container without changing the header-container.


      I tried a solution with the model-panel displaying detail over the content-container and it solves one problem but creates other problems like having to click the close button
      before going anywhere else.


      I would use the model-panel to display detail-info if I could remove the restriction that the user has to click on the close button
      and instead allow the user to click anywhere including another category from the rich:tabpanel/rich:tab below it and in doing so automatically close the current model-panel. Note, I am hoping to keep the tabs exposed, that is, not covered by the  model-panel via positioning.


      I just discovered the componentControl tag and am thinking it may be possibe to use this to close the model-panel. Even if that is possible, is the method I am attempting worth it or is there a better way?


      Thank you all for any suggestions!